13 Dec 2022

Sober Living Rules: What to Expect in Sober Living

The EIN or employer identification number is the number the government will use to identify your business when filing your business taxes. The application to apply for your EIN number can be found on the IRS government website. If they choose to violate them or cause problems for residents, they should understand their position will be terminated. The point of a market analysis is to gather information for your business moving forward. Please do not send text messages to our staff and please do not ask them to call you outside of our normal business hours. If they leave too early, their chances of relapsing increase significantly.

To keep residents safe, all successful sober homes have rules and regulations that you’re required to follow. While rules may vary, we’re going to discuss the general guidelines most homes require. But my third experience, which led me to owning and operating a drug and alcohol (privately owned) recovery sober house house, happened pretty much by accident. My oldest son was in recovery, and he was asked to manage a house for the owner of several recovery houses in a nearby county. This is where my son had gotten well after having a long run of multiple attempts at recovery with little previous success.

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Your staff should have experience in providing care to people in recovery. They should also be trained to provide quality customer service and remain professional at all times, no matter what. She expressed her worry that she would be unable to find the right home, raise the money required to open it, and her lack of experience running this type of business. While she did have a background in sales, she had never run a business before. We walked her through our training program and support services, and how we could help her find, fund, and run her organization. While the activities in a sober living home will vary with the facility, residents typically start their day with assigned chores and breakfast.

A sober living home is a place where people go after treatment when they cannot return to their previous environment. The main reason for not returning to a prior home environment is that it’s unstable and can be a trigger for someone fresh out of treatment. Starting a sober living home is a wonderful way to provide resources to people in recovery.

Organizational / Administrative

There may be some sober living homes that receive state funding or take some insurance coverage, but this is extremely rare. Although insurance coverage is important for therapy and medical treatment, sober living homes are priced in such a way that a person in recovery can afford to live there. The average sober living home is not likely to have many amenities, and the person renting a room there must provide their own groceries, medications, and income. These are important steps because routine and personal growth will help the person take their mind off substance abuse, which in turn helps to prevent relapse. Persons, partnerships, corporations, and other
legal entities that provide drug and alcohol services are required to be
licensed as a drug and alcohol facility.

  • While you may want to live on your own right away, you might not be ready to manage total freedom at first.
  • Residents also do chores, like maintaining the grounds and shoveling snow.
  • If you decide to open a co-ed sober living home, know that special rules and considerations will need to be made to ensure a welcoming and comfortable environment for all.
  • The organization responsible for the operations of the residence is the organization that must apply for certification.